Liquid Caustic Soda

Liquid Caustic Soda

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Liquid Caustic Soda is one of the main pioneering products of NIC. We have started importing and distributing liquid caustic soda to the Northern and Central Vietnam since October 2013. Annually, NIC imports about 70.000 MT of high-quality liquid caustic soda with dominant origin of Korea, Japan by specialized vessels. With a modern mixing tank system, NIC provides liquid caustic soda with different content in accordance with customer’s requirements: NaOH 50%, 45%, 40%, 35%, 32%, 30%, …

Currently, NIC is a stable supplier of liquid caustic soda for companies in industrial zones and export processing zones that require high quality, strict delivery and safety standards as well as stable consumption volume.

NIC is the official partner of Mitsubishi Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, Tricon Corporation và Formosa Plastics Corporation in Vietnam market.

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Formula: NaOH
Standard: According to international standard
Quality Certificate: SGS / Intertek organization
Content: 50%
Density: 1.52 g/cm³
Packaging: Tank truck / drum
Origin: Japan / Korea / China
  • Paper manufacturing industry: Soda is used as a chemical to process raw materials such as wood, bamboo, etc. in the pulp production process.
  • In the production of artificial silk fibers: To decompose ligin - a harmful substance that often accompanies cellulose in wood pulp, caustic soda is needed.
  • In the soap making industry: Soda is used to break down the fats found in plant and animal fats to make soap. It can be said that caustic soda is one of the important ingredients in the detergent manufacturing industry.
  • In the textile industry: Soda is used to degrade pectins, wax in the processing of raw fabrics.
  • In the petroleum industry: Soda is used to adjust the pH of drilling fluids, for example, in addition to removing sulfur, the acid compounds present in crude oil refining ...
  • In the food processing industry: Soda is often used to remove fatty acids in the refining of vegetable and animal oils before being used in the food production process.
  • In the water industry: Soda helps regulate pH and regenerates plastic particles during ion exchange. In addition, caustic soda is also used to neutralize and remove sediment in water supply pipes.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry: Used to produce Na-based products as bleach, disinfectant ...