Caustic Soda Pearl NaOH 99%

Caustic Soda Pearl NaOH 99%

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Caustic Soda Pearl NaOH 99% is one of the main solid products of NIC. As a Formosa Plastics Corporation’s official partner in Vietnam market, NIC ensures to supply caustic soda pearl with high-quality, stable quantity and competitive price to customers.

NIC is the official partner of Formosa Plastics Corporation in Viet Nam market.

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Formula: NaOH
Standards: According to the international standard
Quality Certificate: SGS/Intertek organization
Content: 99%
Packaging: 25kg packing bag
Origin: Taiwan
Application: Sodium hydroxide 99% has many wide applications and is popular in many industries such as:
- Producing electronic components, semiconductors
- For the production of artificial silk, Soda is responsible for decomposing specific toxic by-products such as ligin.
- In the industry of producing paper, pulp ... used for bleaching
- Wastewater treatment
- Producing aluminum (cleaning aluminum ore before production).
- In addition, soda is also used to process oil and some other industries.